What’s Different about Custom Multi-Story Home Plans?

Multi-Story Home Custom Plans – what to look for

Multi-story homes have a lot of advantages and disadvantages and deciding on building one vs. a one-story home can be difficult. For now, let’s focus on multi-story custom home builds and what benefits they have as well as the issues that can come up.

One of the more apparent benefits of a multi-story custom home design is the range of design options that are available to you. Since you have more space to work with as well as this being a new build, you have many more choices when it comes to designing your new home. Even when you are ready for a remodel or redesign, you’ll have more to work with since there is more space.

The unfortunate downside of having more space in your home is when you are looking to cleaning and maintaining your home. Since you have more space to work with, that means there is more square footage that needs to be cleaned, more moving parts that can break, and more general maintenance that needs to be done.

Unparalleled privacy

Another advantage of a multi-story home is more privacy. Since you’ll have multiple floors available, you’ll have more space to get that much needed “you time.” This is also a plus for families if you want to have a separate area from your children as they get older, having your own space is a must.

Bigger home spaces, however, mean it’ll take more power, and more time to heat and cool, so your utility bills will generally be higher in a multi-story room than a one story. One thing to keep in mind during the design process is heat rises and cold air falls, so this may help you plan when thinking about your utilities.