What’s Different about Custom Tudor Revival Home Plans?

Custom Tudor Revival House Plans – what to look for

Tudor revival homes are ancient homes designs that date back to as early as 1485. They are easily recognized by their outstanding design of exposed timber framing and arching front doors, a steeply pitched roof, and leaded glass windows with a diamond pattern all through.

The Tudor homes interior features, high ceilings with exposed beams, the floor involves tile or stonework, and there are elements of stone, brick and wood around the house. Another defining feature is large chimneys fitted in the grand fireplaces. The house has a cozy feel naturally. Due to lack of much natural lighting from the design, flickering candlelight illuminates a warm glow on the wood panels. Custom made Tudor Revival home offers you a rich architectural feel within your own house. Brick and stone accents, wood cabinetry, and board paneling offer a feel of nature. The house can be updated by adding paint to the exterior.

Just like many homes the Tudor Revival home comes with downsides. Most natural lighting is used in living rooms and hence deeper parts of the house are really dark. Another setback on the design is the steep angle of the ceiling that leaves weird space if the living room doesn’t go all the way to the rafters. Tudor homes are also very costly to maintain due to their frequent need for additional care.