How to Choose the Right Home Builder

Custom home building comes with a lot of tough decisions. One of the most important? Choosing the right home builder. Unlike hiring, say, a residential architect, every person building a custom home must select a home builder.

There are thousands around the country who have the ability to build your dream home, but you should not limit your decision to just those who offer the bare minimum. Selecting a home builder is a very personal decision. As a result, you should speak with several builders to ensure a perfect fit.

When you sit down with them, ask the following questions.


Does the builder come with a team?

Most people don’t know what to expect from the custom home building process. If a builder comes with a team or several close contacts, you’ll immediately broaden the number of resources available during construction.


How long has the builder been working?

Home construction has changed dramatically in the past ten years—fewer people are building custom homes. If your builder has been in business for ten or more years, they’ll understand the history and trends behind custom home construction. This is evidence of a strong company with a good product.


Are there home plans I can choose from, or should I hire a residential architect?

Some builders will provide homeowners with a gallery of plans to choose from, while others require individuals to hire architects to do the designing process. If a builder offers the former, ask about flexibility and the ability to make changes to original plans.


Where is the builder allowed to build?

If you want your home to be in a certain part of town or within a certain school district, be up-front about your needs. If a builder is not able to work in a specific area, move to the next candidate.


The answers to these questions will determine which builder best fits your project. However, you should also be aware of how the person or company makes you feel.

Does it seem like they have good ideas and design creativity? Will you be comfortable contacting them most days for the next six months?

In the end, choosing a builder is about choosing a personal connection. Don’t rush this decision and carefully consider every option.