What’s Different about Custom Mediterranean Home Plans?

Custom Mediterranean House Plan Designs – what to look for

Mediterranean houses resemble the Mediterranean villas designs and are found in places with warm weather. They are easily recognized with their red, low-pitched cotta-tiled roof, arched doorways, and rough plaster exteriors. Other distinct features they have to survive warm climates are, balconies, verandas, stucco siding, swimming pools, courtyards, curved windows and open gardening to keep it breezy.

The average cost of building a Mediterranean house can vary from approximately $350,000 to a million dollars, depending on the size and house plan one has. Mediterranean style houses are simple yet elegant spaces, they are timeless and never really go out of style. When living in hot areas Mediterranean houses are the best choice. The half-tube shape of roof tiles allows air into the house and keep it cool. The flooring is made of tile and that helps keep the feet cool all day. The houses exterior offer a unique design with the stucco or brick painted brighter to distinguish it from the roof.

The downside to Mediterranean style houses is the staining of wood doors and windows doesn’t wear very well when painted white because of the heat. The houses have an issue with inadequate lighting and storage due to small intimate designs. They require yearly lime coating on the walls to allow them to breathe. Financially they are known to be quite expensive too.