What’s Different about Custom Colonial Revival Home Plans?

Custom Colonial Revival Home Plans – what to look for

When designing or choosing a home, most people like to choose an aesthetic when it fits in their budget. One of the most popular aesthetics of architectural style is Colonial Revival. The Colonial style often gets its popularity from the eloquence of old fashioned architects. Early Dutch and English settlers originally created this style for their homes, so it brings back parts of late 19th century history.

Colonial Revival is actually a mixture of a few different architectural styles; although they are all American. You have probably seen this style of home building before, as they most notably have roof forms like gambrel, gabled, and hipped. Some architecture is rigid and difficult to remodel, but this form of Colonial Revival makes remodeling a bit easier.

Entrances, Windows and Features

The entrances to Colonial Revivals are typically decorative and notable, but the windows are quite simple. Oftentimes, these homes are built out of brick and stone. These homes are spacious, but the downside to the space is that the multi-level architecture forces the space to be divided into many smaller rooms. If you are looking for a home with large ceilings for skylights or ceiling decorations, this will also be a con to you, as the ceiling is typically only vaulted in the entryway.

Colonial Revivals can be an awesome blast to the past if you are interested in the aesthetic, and the main cons of this style of home have to do with dividing space and limiting decorating styles. However, if this style is up your alley, it is sure to create a homely feel for your family.