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Here at Ridge Creek we’ve earned the reputation of transforming dreams into reality. We specialize in large-scale renovations, whole-home tear-downs and luxury basement finishes. Been searching for the perfect home in the perfect location without luck? Find a home in the right location and let us renovate to turn it into the perfect home!

The Ridge Creek Renovation Process

The first step is meeting in the home with the Ridge Creek team to discuss your dreams and ideas for your project. This is also your chance to learn about us, the quality of projects we produce and the exceptional experience you can expect. Next, you will be introduced to our team for an overview and discussion of your project and design concept ideas. During this time we will also take a look at outside elements that might influence your remodel. For example, does your community represent a more charming, historic appeal that we should incorporate into your design? We pride ourselves in being thoughtful, innovative, and creative to find the best design for your family and community.

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